Sir Charles Cary


From Addiction to Leadership Strategist

Sir Charles Cary describes himself as Honest, Positive, & Inspirational. He recognizes how crucial leadership & communication is in today’s business life and daily life. He’s always been passionate and he’s always sought clarity, which is why he gives 100% with each engagement.  Knowing how much time he has lost encourages him to do more for his clients, his family, and his community. He says it’s a debt of responsibility and gratitude that he is more than willing to give which shows his true appreciation for life.


From Crack To Cancer To Cured

Although passion is usually associated with being positive, for a good portion of Cary’s life he repeatedly made horrible decisions. Those decisions led him to waste a quarter of a century as a substance abuser and that cost him his family, opportunity, and things you cannot simply get back by being a nice guy.

In trying to understand why he made those choices Cary once again sought clarity and became very passionate about being a productive part of society and has turned his life around 180 degrees. He’s transitioned from being an addict to being a government employee to a Peak Performance Leadership Strategist that has keynoted or trained agencies across the country.

2-Time Cancer Survivor

He has not only transformed his own life from environmental and life-threatening challenges (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) but as a 2-time cancer survivor and having been nominated Man of the Year by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society he once again can celebrate his life by appreciating it through a new lens!


He has dedicated himself to being a leader and leading many others (leadership & communication) by proving that in spite of it all you can have success! Charles is an Amazon Best Seller and has been viewed as a combination of Wayne Dyer meets Les Brown and clients love it. In addition to working with Fortune companies in a variety of settings, his message has been heard (ION TV, CBS, NBC, ABC, Radio One, and The Keynote: Reality Show ) which is a testament to a process that works!

Government agencies have called him in to teach workshops based on his book series “The Radiate the Brain Book Series” and he has once again found a passion for sharing his gifts, skills, and talents with those who can appreciate results, and a willingness to become better!

Who I’ve Helped

He’s facilitated training and keynotes for NIH-NIDA, HUD (Housing & Urban Development), Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, Amgen, Staples, Starbucks, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Salvation Army, The Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit just to mention a few.


Homeland Security (FLETC), George Mason University, and The Service Quality Institute; In addition, he’s also been a member of The National Speakers Association and Toastmasters.

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