Amy Westbrook, The Money Mojo Coach: Changing the Way Women “Do” Money

Amy Westbrook:
The Money Mojo Coach: Changing the Way Women “Do” Money

Today, I pursue my passion as a professional coach, speaker, and founder of the Money Mojo Formula – an online financial education series. I’m also a Money Coach for a Fortune 500 bank. But it took a huge leap of faith to get there. You see, not long ago, I was the family’s breadwinner in a career that was sucking the life out of me. Leaving to pursue my passion felt irresponsible and selfish because I thought it meant sacrificing my income and security. A wake-up call from my son made me realize I was chasing the money, not my dreams.

I invested in my professional life coaching certification and quickly noticed that my clients were also yearning to play bigger in life, but were lacking the money and financial know-how to make their dreams a reality. I’ve found that courage often needs a plan and money to get off the ground. Being good at money, I felt called to help others.

Through one on one coaching and my online programs, women shift the way they think about, spend, and grow their money. Helping women have a confident, empowered and abundant mindset means women are sewing enriched seeds for an enriched future for their children. These financially savvy women model positive habits, ensuring kids don’t repeat a cycle of money stress, scarcity, and struggle. My purpose on this earth is to end this cycle.

Upgrading your financial education generates the opportunities and financial security you work hard for. I hope you’ll join this non-judgmental money conversation! Get free tips, strategies, and inspiration at or check out my Facebook page, The Money Mojo Coach.

Amy is also a featured author in the book, What is a Courageous Woman, available on . 


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