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One of our awesome contributing writers wrote a great article in Courageous Woman Magazine on attracting wealth. Please Like, Share and Comment below.

moneyby Florence Edwards

Most of us were taught that in order to be successful in life, we had to get a college degree and work for somebody else. But in today’s volatile economy, you can’t rely on a job to support you financially. The sad reality is that millions of people have more than one job, and they still struggle to get their basic needs met. There are thousands of college graduates who are working for minimum wage, or living with their parents because they can’t afford to live on their own. For generations, we have been taught to rely on things outside of ourselves to get money, but the truth is, in order to attract more abundance, we must get clear about where it truly comes from. Here are some tips to attracting more money into your life.

1. Realize that your mind plays a vital role in your ability to attract money.
If you believe that money is scarce, or that you must work hard for money, you are going to have a hard time attracting money. Money is an energy that will be attracted to you once you truly open yourself up to receiving it. Work on healing your negative beliefs about money and it will flow to you.

2. Tap into the talents God has given you and use it to help others. In other words, to get more money, you must give! Ask yourself, “What can I offer the world that help make people’s lives better?” Once you do that, you are on your way to attracting more money.

3. Focus your attention on wealth! A lot of us walk around complaining about our jobs, our bills or how poor we are. So guess what? We are going to get more of the same! What you focus on grows! So, if you want to attract money, you must focus on receiving money, not lack!

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4. Be around wealthy people! Most poor people hang out with poor people and rich people hang out with other rich people. If you want to rise above where you are today, get a mentor and build friendships with people who you aspire to be like.

5. Believe that you deserve to be wealthy! Many people secretly fear that they are not good enough or smart enough to be wealthy. The truth is that we all deserve to be wealthy. Write down 10 reasons you deserve to be wealthy and you will begin to receive more.

6. Act as if you are already wealthy! You may not have the six-figure income yet, but feel as though you have a million dollars in the bank! Respect the money you have, and thank God for the money you have now or had in the past. The more grateful you are, the more money you will receive.

7. Visualize having more money! What you see in your mind continually is what you will ultimately attract. See yourself receiving a check for a certain amount of money, or see yourself getting that new client. See yourself having more opportunities to gain wealth and you will draw it to you.

Florence Edwards is the CEO of Publicity 911. Visit www.Publicity911.com to learn more.

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