Girl POWER for YOUR WORLD – Make Your New Years Resolution Matter

By Dawniel Patterson-Winningham

2012, New Year, New YOU!  Not so fast…

Happy 2012!  If you are like most people you are approaching this New Year as an opportunity to make some changes.  You are excited and hopeful about your opportunity to “do some things over”; well me too.  This New Year symbolizes an opportunity for us to shamelessly pursue our own purpose and greatness.

The good news is that people who make a resolution are 10 times more likely to achieve their goal.  Well we want to improve your chances even further. Below are some tips and tricks for making sure your New Year’s Resolutions sticks with you throughout the year.

After all, KNOWLEDGE is POWER, right?

Realistic Resolutions

Keep your resolutions realistic both in number and in level of expected accomplishment.  For example, making a resolution to lose 30 pounds in January is unrealistic.  Perhaps making a goal to lose 5 – 10 pounds in January is more achievable and would allow you to feel more powerful when you accomplish the goal!  Also setting too many large resolutions at once could get in your way.  If you plan to lose weight, find another job, move to another neighborhood, all at once you may be overwhelming yourself.  Keep the focus on one or two key resolutions and feel free to add more quarterly as you make the resolutions a part of your life.

From Wish to Resolution

Once you have determined which resolutions will be your focus, commit them to paper.  Thinking about them in passing is equivalent to making a wish.  Not saying that wishes don’t come true, but we know that hard work often yields results.  Committing the Resolution to paper makes it more than just a wish.  It becomes a promise to YOU.  You can’t break your own promise now can you?

Plan for Obstacles

Even the best laid plans will encounter obstacles.  Be ready for them and have a plan B as they arise.  For example, if you have committed to lose weight in January, but you know you have a special event (that involved food) in that same month, you may want to make that your reward day, or provide some other alternative for that day.  If you fail to plan, you definitely plan to fail.

Visualize Success

As you start your resolution spend at least 15 – 30 minutes a day thinking about the results of your success and encouraging yourself to keep going!  After all, if you say you CAN or you say you Can’t, either way you are RIGHT!

Spread the Word

Share your resolutions with those closest to you in order for them to provide the support you need.  If you tell your support circle that you have a resolution to lose weight, then perhaps they will invite you to more active outings, and help you to not plan outings around food; something I personally am very guilty of.

Fail Forward

Most importantly know this.  It is not that you fall that is important.  When we learned to walk we fell down many times.  We got up.  We tried again.  Eventually we got it right!  That is what resolutions are about.  It is not that you fail.  It is more important that you get up, learn what works, and keep trying.

Here’s a toast to a healthier, wealthier, and wiser YOU for the New Year!  I believe this is the year for you to accomplish greatness.  Please join ME in believing in YOU!

About The Author

Dawniel Patterson-Winningham is a successful corporate performance coach for a fortune 100 firm.  In addition she is a private life coach specializing in helping people achieve the dream of leaving their 9 – 5 and becoming entrepreneurs and provides pro-bono coaching to non-profit entities looking to expand their reach to assist others.  She currently writes an empowerment monthly column for 4 magazines.  She is CEO of her own publishing company called Twin Power Publishing, in which she not only publishes her own books, but also coaches aspiring authors on completing their own self published titles.  She is the mother of 3 including twins and currently resides in Katy, Tx; a suburb of Houston.  Her books are available on for purchase and also available for download on most e-readers.

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