Motivational Speaker Paige Burton:“The World Is Waiting For You To Create What Only You Can”

By Motivational Speaker Paige Burton
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You are a courageous woman. You have potential within you meant to influence and shape this world.

You are made to thrive and spread love and joy all around. How true is this for you? Why settle for anything less than the harmony you are worth?

Sometimes we need permission to step into our power. Other times we don’t even realize how powerful we are. Maybe this article will be an invitation or a friendly reminder for you. What are you tolerating? What are you willing to let go of to experience more joy? Where there is a readiness and willingness to commit to your heart, the world rises to meet you.

Often, we read of what we need to “do,” “produce,” “achieve,” or how we can fix or manipulate something or someone, primarily ourselves to make a “better product.” It’s not to say personal development is a foolish pursuit, yet if you explore the root of this kind of development, there is an underlying theme of “not good enough” or being undeserving.

What if this were no longer part of your story? What if you didn’t have to improve anything? How possible is it that you could just release and allow more of who you are to surface and be shared with others?

We are creators of our realities. Strategically, we come up with thoughts, we allow these thoughts to create feelings and these feelings contribute to how we experience our world. The hard yet fiercely honest truth, we are also master illusionists; we come up with interpretations, set expectations, make assumptions and limit our natural abilities. Perhaps what we are really looking for is relief from the weight of all of those. All it takes is just a little unconditional love; reprogramming our operating instructions.

What is your story? What are you constantly telling yourself about WHO you are? Maybe you come up with something like this, “I have to work hard to make money.” Ok great, WHAT does that make you feel? “It makes me feel like I constantly have to be working to provide for my lifestyle, like I can’t relax.” Now HOW does this thought enable or disable your quality of life? “It makes me put off investing in a social life, it makes me worry about how much time I have and it makes me feel like what I want is always out of reach somehow.”

Can you see how one thought can shape the way this “hypothetical” woman lives? Let’s say she reframes this thought for one that positively influences her reality. Her new thought could be, “I enjoy fulfilling work that supports my life and affairs.” She may find believing this thought makes her feel “like I have no concept of time.” If she believes this she may experience life “with a greater sense of purpose, motivation and pride. I feel engaged and confident in all that I do.” Which story moves this woman forward with grace and ease?

Stepping into our power provides meaning, inspiration and energy to propel up into our capacity and shape our life experiences in creative and miraculous ways. Our response ability, literally our ability to respond to what matters most to us can constantly be defined and refined. The key here is not to “do” rather to identify what you want to create in the world and commit whole-heartedly.

If it’s “success” you are longing for, define what it means to you. Your definition likely is different than someone else and it’s important to realize this and follow what is true for you. Once you define success, creatively craft your operating instructions to strategically get you from where you are (A) to where you want to be (B). This takes mental effort, yet what would this kind of living be worth to you?

“ Easy does it,” is your new mantra. The world is waiting for you to create what only you can. How can you influence and shape it starting with your operating instructions? Vibes matter; if it feels good it is.


Paige Burton is the founder of vibes matter coaching, a creative strategy and solutions-focused company that serve’s primarily brides and entrepreneurs. Her signature system, “va va va voom” appeals to some for it’s out of the box yet simplistic approach. An energetic and wise soul, Burton specializes in supporting women and men alike to “get centered” so that they may show up authentically and empowered in all they desire. Her signature system has four main components; vision, vibe, voice and video. From getting clear on what brings meaning and purpose to life to articulating that to others, Paige is a professional wing-woman and energizing asset to any evolving lifestyle.


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2 Thoughts to “Motivational Speaker Paige Burton:“The World Is Waiting For You To Create What Only You Can””

  1. I know exactly what you’re saying. I found myself constantly barking orders at myself in my attempt to “do, produce and achieve”. I was completely off balance. The mental effort it takes to reprogram is not easy either, but it is well worth it for the balance and the peace of mind.

  2. “Easy does it!” I love that. I’ve spent 10 years running myself into the ground building my business and now I have adrenal burnout. I am learning a new way to live and work that is still productive but much more in flow with what feels natural. Life is so much better now!

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