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Empowering Stories on Creating the Life You Desire

Flint, MI, October 20, 2016 – In her first collaborative book, Transition: Create the Life You Desire, best-selling author Precious S. Brown has put together a powerful group of mostly first-time authors whose careers range from natural hair enthusiasts to a stay at home single mom.

“This may be the most down-to-earth collaborative book on the shelves now,” Brown says. “We made a whole-hearted effort to share some of the most intimate details of our lives with the world. The authenticity of Transition is un-canning and needed at this time. Every story has underlined similarities while simultaneously being unique. The reader is sure to relate to the foundational messages conveyed because they are told from an individuals’ vantage point.” Brown says, “the one requirement for each author was to provide the reader with tips on how they could make the decision to Transition and Create the Life They Desire.”

In Precious’ chapter titled Still in Transition she gives the detailed account of the day she decided she was going to follow her dreams instead of building someone else’s. She went into immediate and intentional action. This book is her fourth publication but her first collaboration. She is a sought after Inspirational Speaker and Transition Engineer.

Transition: Create the Life You Desire is scheduled for a November 20, 2016 release. Learn more about the authors on the website:

About Precious Brown and Precious S. Brown Coaching and Consulting Firm

Precious Brow is the CEO of Precious S. Brown Coaching and Consulting Firm – a business and personal development corporation that specializes in providing tools, support and platforms for transforming the lives of women. With more than 20 years of traditional experience and eight years of transformational and transition mentoring experience, Brown empowers the lives of women daily. As the Transition Engineer and Power Coach she helps clients explode through the barriers that have kept them from being emotionally, financially, mentally stable and purpose driven by motivating them to create the life they desire.

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