Event: How To Rock The Media

Flint, MI

Walethia Aquil

Are you ready for Publicity Power?

On May 31, 2014 DeLores Pressley, in case you don’t know her, check her out at DeLores Pressley, and myself are going to release for the first time ever, our publicity secrets.

Yes, thats right we are going to give you step by step how we’ve been able to Rock the Media locally and nationally.

You will walk away with proven strategies that will inspire your thinking and show you many proven ideas you can use for getting publicity faster then ever before. You will gain a good solid understanding of the how publicity really works and feel comfortable interacting with the media.

You will have the exact same strategies we’ve used to get booked or interviewed by major media like the Good Housekeeping Magazine, The Opray Show, The Bethany Show, Staging Standard, Marie Clair, Ebony, Jet, Women2Women, ABC, NBC and many more.

You will learn how to pitch, when and what to pitch, what to include in your media kit, how to write a press release, a list of media contacts and information we have NEVER shared before.

You’ll learn tips like how to get them to say yes, where reporters hang out, how to create a media kit that get attention and so much more.

Remember one good headline could get you thousands of dollars in publicity; just one idea could make you famous or more famous. The good news is you’re just a few easy steps away from getting interviewed on local and national shows or written up in magazines or newspapers. And the best part is we’ll even help you come up with the ideals.

You don’t want to miss this live event, seating is limited (on purpose) we want to give you the attention and time your deserve so you can ROCK THE MEDIA.

Grace and Charm Academy is located 412 S. Saginaw St, Suite 207B. Contact Walethia Aquil, Director, 810-334-5427, email-walethia@graceandcharm.com

The Grace and Charm Academy is the only mid Michigan institution providing business etiquette and image training that prepares professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners with the critical behaviors necessary to build lasting business relationships.

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