God’s Women in Music, Ministry & Entertainment

By Apostle Veryl Howard

Years ago in the wee hours, God spoke to me and expressed the need to connect kingdom minded women together. God is rising up some awesome women to take over the gospel industry that the enemy has polluted. He wants women after his own heart that he can trust with greatness. However, through the years if you put a bunch of women together, it could result in drama. Women not like men traditionally don’t stick together. But God says he has some dynamic women who love him first and understand that they are a part of his body thus not an island.

With this in mind, I started a conference call “God’s Women in Music, Ministry and Entertainment”. Over the course of many years being a manager, promoter, radio personality and author in the entertainment arena, I have stumbled across some great women. They reminded me of Prophetess Deborah in the book of Judges because they did not doubt God’s purpose in their lives. While meeting these ladies globally, God spoke to me and said I was a conduit to connect God’s women across the border. He reminded me that he is linking the true remnants together to do the impossible with respect to leading many to salvation. Where better to start then in the field of entertainment?

The entertainment world has so much power because our youth emulate whom they see in the lime light. It is so influential with respect to governing the patterns for society. It molds those who become entangled with it when not being rooted in Christ. It sets the tone for a lot of day to day worldly events. Fortunately, God has empowered these women to own radio stations, magazines, newspapers, book companies and more. He has strategically given them spiritual insight as to how to be a Godly entrepreneur. They are women to watch and women God has set up as today’s mentors. But they are women who God wants to connect for greater work and to be a support system one to another. There resources can now be available for a kingdom purpose. They are their sister’s keeper!

Therefore, I found it a need to connect women who were secure in Christ to change the course of entertainment back towards the glory of Christ! With all that said, we hope you are able to join us tis October. We have some powerhouses such as Min. Jamila Joy, owner of “Shout for Joy” radio and TV Network, Tiffany Stanley from Flo Rida’s team, Jaqui Phillips owner of “Angel Girl” cosmetics, host on TBN’s show Joy in the Morning and stylist with the hit shows “Big Ang” and “Mob Wives”. In addition we have the founder Dr. Janis Marilyn Todman of “Preach the Word Worldwide Television Network”, founder Pastor Lynette Appling of Christian Women Television Network, Vicki Mac Lattillade of Central South, EMI executive Karen Jackson, Humiliee of Gospel Fruits Magazine, Roz Warren of Yes Lord Radio, Min. Regina Howard of Atlanta Live, Min. Jana Todd of The Piece Magazine and many, many more great women. We also have Film producer of “Iniquity” movie Joshua Coates coming to do auditions. So many, we can’t name them all but our own “Peaches” owner of Gospe Revue Magazine and I am Gospel Radio will be there as well. . We just have women who trust God with a dream and they go after it. Attorney Crystal Rhedding is an expert on publishing and she will be in the house with branding specialist Attorney Donna Maria Johnson.

All in all we have God’s best during this season and we are excited about how God is going to move among these powerhouses at the conference. We sure hope to see you there.

For more info: Call 910-644-1824 or 910-977-1674
Email: VeryL920@aol.com

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