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L.I.F.E. ~ Live Inspired! Feel Empowered!
New Book Focused on Self-discovery and Empowerment for Women

FLINT, M.I. (April 30, 2013) – TaMara had it ALL! A house in the marina, a husband that was well decorated military officer making six figures, nice cars, designer clothing, vacations, shopping sprees and more! With ALL that, what could possibly be wrong?

Behind the scenes of a seemingly perfect marriage lied abuse, sleepless nights, drinking, random indiscretions, lies, misery, heartache and pain. Living in the facade of her relationship TaMara found herself becoming increasingly depressed, so much so, that she was on the verge of a mental break down and one day she walked away from it ALL. TaMara found herself living paycheck to paycheck with barely enough money to make ends meet but yet she found enough strength and courage to continue on. You might be asking yourself how did she do it? The answer, she learned to live her L.I.F.E.

From being married and self-destructing to divorced and broke, TaMara manage to become self-sufficient and one of the happiest women in the world! And you can too by giving yourself permission to live YOUR L.I.F.E.! In her highly acclaimed book L.I.F.E. ~Live Inspired! Feel Empowered, TaMara wants to share the secret that helped to keep her going when times got rough and she wanted to give up. By stepping out on faith and taking action, she created a movement that ultimately transformed her L.I.F.E.! “I want people to know that nothing is impossible when you step out on faith and believe! If I could make it out my situation then using the principles in my book, then you too can transform yourself and live the LIFE you so desire” states TaMara.

What are people saying about L.I.F.E. ~ Live Inspired Feel Empowered? Shonell Bacon stated “I must confess that it was difficult to edit, but not because it was bad. In fact, it’s a wonderful book. It was difficult because it touched me so much. In the last year or two, God has given me a few clients that have written works that were given to me in order to teach me something. I believe your book was definitely one of those books. I was rejuvenated by the words you wrote, encouraged, and re-ignited to love myself and get started with this new journey of my life that I’ve been sensing for sometime and KNEW was on its way. Your book kind of acted as confirmation in this for me. Thank you. I can feel your enthusiasm on all pages… as well as your wish to help other women. AWESOME!”

This book is ideal for anyone looking to discover, explore and unleash their authentic self and fulfill their life’s purpose. You can find out more about L.I.F.E. ~ Live Inspired Feel Empowered or purchase a copy by visiting www.tamararosecampbell.com. L.I.F.E. ~ Live Inspired Feel Empowered is also available for purchase on Amazon.com or from your local book retailer.

Over the past 20 years, TaMara has devoted her life to empowering women and girls with the tools to enhance self-esteem and to make safer and healthier decisions regarding their sexuality. Certified in Sex Therapy, TaMara holds a Master of Science Degree in Education (Johns Hopkins University). She will be granted a Master of Social Work Degree from University of Michigan in December 2013. TaMara has developed several curriculum, written numerous articles and books, consulted on several faith-based research projects. TaMara speaks professionally to audiences throughout the United States. If you would like to learn more about TaMara, or to schedule an interview, please contact her at (810) 789-8637 or visit www.sexpertlyyourstamara.com or www.beatifully-me.com.

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