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WordPress Installation for only $99 


It’s 2017… It’s time to upgrade and enhance everything in your business. Starting with your website, if it’s not attractive and engaging, then you might need a few tweaks or a whole new website.
You Can’t Afford Not To Have A Web Presence, but you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for it.
Do not be deceived by web developers that say you must spend a fortune for a web site. That is simply not true!

Not only are we a publishing company that produces a magazine, our team of multi-skilled professionals provide numerous services. We are ready to help you with things you need to make your business shine, from marketing your products and services to designing your website.

For websites, we use WordPress, an OpenSource software, meaning it is free software that you install on your server and you are up and going. Today’s tools grant quick and efficient website construction with a user friendly administrative panel giving you the power to manage your website content and images without costly web developer fees, saving you hundreds of dollars in maintenance alone. We will install if for you and you can take it from there.

We can install your website for you in 48-72 hours, and in some cases within 24 hours depending on scheduled availability of our designers.

Starting at $99, we will set up the basic structure of your website and you can put in your own content, it’s that simple.

Or if you want us to provide you with a fully designed website including content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will increase your search engines ranking and drive traffic to your website, we can do that too!

Here are a few samples of our sites, including

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