I’ll Invent It; One Woman’s Journey To Create Her Own Product

SMarter HooksThe Smarter Hook, made in America, is a universal tool that holds 14 lbs. The use is driven by the individual’s creative need.
Have you ever needed a specific tool or product that didn’t really exist?  That is what Yvette Leslie felt the moment she came up with the idea for the Smarter Hook product.
In 2008 Yvette started taking nylon shopping bags to the grocery store to save the $0.05 the store charged per bag.  “I carried so many bags until I didn’t have a place to put them,” Frustrated, Yvette didn’t know of another product that would help. “I should invent it,” She said, but the idea fizzled.  In 2012, the idea entered her mind again, but this time she didn’t hesitate to visit a patent service company who helped her with the patent application, marketing research, product design, and technical drawings. Yvette sent the details to numerous stores with no luck.  After two years of trying, she didn’t want to give up on her product, “I’ll just do it myself,” she said.
 leslie-5067I recently spoke with Yvette Leslie about her Smarter Hook product.
What motivated you to create this product?  I developed the concept of the grocery cart hook because I took my nylon recycle bags to the grocery store.  By placing the bags either in the child seat or the cargo area, it left me with little or no room for the items needed.  The Grocery Cart Hook is intended to allow you to have the entire cart for what it is designed to do, shop.
red-cutThrough an evolutionary process created by the hook purchases, it has become apparent that The Grocery Cart Hook does not encompass everything that the hook can do.  Many new ways to use this tool were identified based on lifestyle, social activities and just plain “light bulb” moments.  I was forced to change the name.  The Grocery Cart Hook is now The Smarter Hook!

How long did it take to bring it to Fruition?
I started the idea process in 2012 hoping to receive a licensing agreement.  When that didn’t happen, I began working on the process myself in 2014.

What audience are you targeting with this product? Everyone! |
Because The Smarter Hook is as smart as your needs or creativity.

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome to get it done?
The lack of manufacturing knowledge and the process to bring a new product to market.  I had no clue how to get started.  Google was my best friend throughout this process.  Through Google, I learned of local, regional and national vendor shows and expos.

Did you have any fears in getting this product complete, if so, what were they? Absolutely!  My initial fear was hoping that others would understand the purpose and want it.

Where is your product available?
Amazon, my website and gift stores throughout the country.

What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?
A courageous woman is a woman who exudes confidence.  She’s a game changer or at least she strives to be.  She is willing to strive for her dreams and goals.  She realizes that she can’t always do it alone and is willing to ask for help.  In addition, she is willing to help others with a hand-up.











How can the readers connect with you? 

Social Media

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Email  Yvette.Leslie@vinyvetenterprises.com

Website  www.TheGroceryCartHook.com

This article was featured in the December/January issue. Click the link to see the full issue.

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