WRITE Chicks: Authors United To Promote HIV/AIDS Awareness

WRITE Chicks is an organization that promotes African American female authors and playwrights. The organization’s main focus is HIV/AIDS education.

According to The National AIDS/HIV statistics, by the end of 2007, cumulative AIDS diagnoses reached an estimated 1,051,875 including 37,041 in 2007. According to information posted with The Center For AIDS Research, Education and Services, Blacks and Latinos account for a disproportionate share of HIV infections, relative to their size in the U.S. population. Based on the CDC’s recent estimate of HIV/AIDS prevalence, there are more than 500,000 Blacks living with HIV and AIDS in the U.S. Analysis of national household survey data found that 2% of Blacks in the U.S. were HIV positive, higher than any other group. • Blacks also have the highest rate of new HIV infections and new AIDS cases of any racial/ethnic group.

WRITE Chicks plans to utilize the platforms and voices of authors and playwrights to help bring awareness to HIV/AIDS. Because the number of HIV cases is growing in urban area’s the organization’s goal is to participate in events, as well as host events in urban communities, discussing HIV/AIDS, distributing literature, and donating proceeds from their book sales to the cause.

Comedian Pierre Edwards

WRITE CHICKS first event was at the All Star Laugh Fest with Comedians Danger, Michael Blackson, Pierre Edwards, and Red Grant.
Three authors participated in this Write Chicks event, including Telishia Berry, Danielle Green, and TaMara Campbell.

Telishia Berry, the founder of WRITE CHICKS is the author of the recently released novel The Baptist Junkie, a Christian fiction drama. Theatrical stage plays to her credit include, Wake Up, Wake Up 2, and the comedy musical Hairweave. Telishia is also the publisher of Courageous Woman Magazine, an online magazine that highlights the accomplishments of extraordinary women. If you would like to learn more about Telishia, please visit www.courageouswomanmag.com and www.telishiaberry.com

Danielle Green is the Founder/Director of Empower a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of young people by promoting education, character building and other necessary components to live up to their full potential. She is also the Co-Director of My Dreams Do Come True, a Community Organization that donates prom dress to deserving young ladies to help them make their dreams come true. If you would like to learn more about Danielle, please visit www.empoweringouryouth.com and her Facebook page Image Publishings.

TaMara Campbell has devoted her life to empowering women and girls with the tools to enhance self-esteem and to make safer and healthier decisions regarding their sexuality. Certified in Sex Therapy, TaMara holds a Master of Science Degree in Education (Johns Hopkins University). TaMara has developed several curriculum, written numerous articles and books, consulted on several faith-based research projects. TaMara speaks professionally to audiences throughout the United States. If you would like to learn more about TaMara, or to schedule an interview, please contact her at (810) 789-8637 or visit www.sexpertlyyourstamara.com or www.beatifully-me.com.


For more information about WRITE CHICKS, email: Thecwmagazine@yahoo.com
If you’re an author or playwright interested in participating in a WRITE CHICKS event contact us at: Thecwmagazine@yahoo.com

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