The Baptist Junkie – A novel by Telishia Berry

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4 Thoughts to “The Baptist Junkie – A novel by Telishia Berry”

  1. CW Staff

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  2. Donna Cox

    I remember raising our three beautiful daughters in a Baptist Pastor’s home. They were always expected to be PERFECT. Being their mother and their father’s helpmate, I wanted them to be fine Christian examples. The more I pushed, the more resentment they had. I never understood why I didn’t get the support of their father, but now I know. After 30+ years in the ministry, their father left us and went against everything he had ever preached or taught, saying it was all a lie. This has only deepened their sense of resentment. Your story “Baptist Junkie” truly touched my heart. It is so REAL! I am so glad my peers shared it with me and now I will be sharing it with my own children. Keep up your good work!!!

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