Elder Nicole Mason: Coaching Women to the Next Level

Nicole Mason 2Who is Nicole S. Mason

Nicole S. Mason A wife, mother, and a fiery and passionate preacher, attorney Elder Nicole S. Mason is an author, a compassionate encourager and a woman who wants to see other women win!!!

What type of coaching do you offer?

I offer career coaching, personal/professional, leadership and spiritual coaching.

Who is your ideal coaching client?
My ideal client is a high achieving woman who has a need for another woman to hold the space for her. High achieving women are women leaders at the top of their “A” game in their respective industries or vocations and they need another woman who can serve as their confidante, offer good counsel and Godly wisdom and respect them for who they are and not judge them for being human behind all of the accolades and accomplishments. My clients are Pastors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives.

Being an attorney and a minister, how do you balance those two worlds with coaching?
There is a synergy between the two that works well for me. When someone hires me as their Coach, they get all of my wisdom and knowledge. I move very fluidly and effortlessly in both worlds, because I do not see them as separate. They are a part of who I am, and I have been able to serve my clients very well with my listening skills (law) and my discernment (ministry), to name a few of the skills I utilize in the coaching experience. It’s a win-win for my clients!

What is your advice to someone who is unsure if they need a coach?
Everyone needs a coach! The most successful people have coaches for the various parts of their lives. (i.e., business, spiritual, writing, etc.) Jack Canfield says, “Coaching accelerates success.” I agree wholeheartedly.

How would you describe your life’s journey up to this point and how it has shaped who you are today?
Whew! This is a loaded question!!! I would describe my life’s journey up to this point with the following statement, “My good days outweigh my bad days.” I have had a really great life filled with love and support. I have also experienced some really hard and trying times, like the sudden death of my Mom and the passing of my Grandmother, in the same month. I was 8 months pregnant at the time of their deaths. Although a very tragic situation, I have experienced the Joy of the Lord that has given me tremendous strength since the passing of my Mom and Grandmother. I have three healthy sons, a husband that adores me, a vocation that I absolutely love and the heart to serve others to push them in their personal and professional lives to be authentically who they are, without apology.

I am the woman I am today, “Showing Up Great,” because the two most important women in my life poured their very essence into me. My father was also very instrumental in shaping my life, because he taught me early on to “never let anyone put you in a box.” With so much love, support and impartation, I have always felt like I could do whatever I put my mind to. I still have that belief today, so I work hard at whatever I am doing and expect great results. With that in mind, I have been able to accomplish much in my life.

In addition to social media, on what other types of platforms do you share your coaching services?
I do one on one coaching, as well as group coaching. I also do coaching for senior level executives and managers onsite at corporations and government agencies.

Nicole mason final ad(1)How has working in your grandmother’s dry cleaning business had an impact on who you are today and how you help others?
Wow, my grandmother was the very first boss I witnessed in action. My grandmother had an 8th grade education but was a very successful business woman. She operated her business successfully for more than 50 years. She was one of two business women in our community during my formative years. I became the de facto COO, CFO, Administrative Officer and every other position in a business while growing up. My family and I spent the majority of our time at my grandmother’s cleaners. I went to school from there and came back there after school. It was the meeting point for my family. I didn’t always cherish the hard work that I had to do in the business, but now I’ve come to know and understand that I was really privileged to have such an opportunity.

Being at the dry cleaners with my grandmother allowed me the opportunity to witness first hand sisterhood and excellent, compassionate customer service at its best. My grandmother helped families in the neighborhood with more than cleaning their clothes. She was helping people clean their lives up. I watched how she responded to people who were down on their luck. I also watched how people responded to her acts of kindness. She was a class act. But, she would also give people the truth, whether they wanted to hear it or not. She was more concerned about the forward trajectory of their lives rather than their hurt feelings. She knew that eventually they would get over their hurt feelings but taking the wrong turn in life, not so much. She was a stickler for education and doing something positive. Many children found safety and a safe haven in her dry cleaners.
As a result of this kind of example, I serve others with compassion, humility and a whole lot of truth, without apology because I know the end result is a changed and transformed life!

Working in your grandmother’s dry cleaning business you learned firsthand, the dedication and the discipline an entrepreneur must have. As a coach, what is the level of dedication you think life coaches should have and your best advice to anyone interested in becoming a coach?
Watching my grandmother work hard for 12 hours a day Monday – Saturday leaves me with little tolerance for people who do not operate in a spirit of excellence. I believe that every occupation and/or vocation that one engages in should be done with the utmost care and discipline. And for me, as an African American woman, standing on the shoulders of other amazing women who had to struggle for everything they worked for to afford me the opportunity to achieve what I have achieved, it is my duty and obligation to represent them well, serve those I am privileged to serve with care and show up great wherever I find myself!

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  1. Jessica

    Nicole Sherron Mason is a woman of truth! She is a truth-bearer. This is what causes her to shatter ceilings! And because of that she is able to equip other women to do the same! Absolutely love her and am glad to be able to take a front row seat and WATCH GOD exhale her

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