Kimmoly Rice-Ogletree: Helping Women Restart After Divorce

kimmolyDivorce Coaching: Piecing Life Back Together after Marriages Fall Apart

Kimmoly Rice-Ogletree is a highly respected author, speaker, mother, and Certified Life Coach. She explains the importance of coaching after a divorce for our readers.

How did you become a divorce coach?
After three failed marriages, overcoming infidelity, illness, and emotional abuse, I felt a strong calling to create a structure that provides a safe place for clients to regroup and regain their footing. Being a Christian for over 20 years, I’ve seen the devastation divorce leaves behind. It’s afforded me a front-row seat to the lack of support from the Christian community concerning the issue of divorce.

After experiencing emotional abuse and recognizing it as a form of domestic violence, trying to find effective help within my community proved nearly impossible. “I’ll pray for you,” was insufficient. If I can prevent another woman from feeling confusion and hopelessness, I will have fulfilled my God-given assignment.

Based on your work as a coach and your own experience, how important do you feel it is to have a coach through the process of divorce?
Having a neutral member on the team to ensure that clients’ faith and relationship with God stays strong through the often frustrating process is essential. As a Christian Divorce Coach, the three most common issues I help clients deal with are rebuilding self-esteem, dealing with the negative stigma associated with divorce, and overcoming feelings of guilt and shame. Attorneys are focused on paperwork and legal representation, but a divorce coach can save a client thousands of dollars in attorney fees by separating emotions from facts, allowing them to walk into appointments and proceedings prepared and powerful.

Divorce can be a drawn out process legally and emotionally. Is there a time frame when divorce coaching should be capped?
A coach has a responsibility to inform their client if they are no longer able to assist them in moving forward. My coaching programs are available before, during and after the divorce process, which allows clients to determine what level of assistance they need and when.

What advice would you give someone interested in the business of divorce coaching?
Divorce is a delicate matter. It’s important to have a personal connection with the issue. I would recommend formal training and certification. There is an art to coaching and you could hinder or damage an already delicate situation if not properly trained.

Kimmoly Rice-Ogletree founded the Christian Divorce Coaching Center and is the mother of two great sons.

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