On Stage This Weekend: The Stage Play Pray For Me

Coming to the stage this weekend is the stage play Pray for Me” The play focuses on the main character, Mr. Willis, a kind hearted family man who faces challenge after challenge trying to make a difference in young people’s lives. With those challenges, Mr. Willis will learn some lessons himself…… You can’t save everybody.

The writer of Pray For Me is Yusuf Bauswell, a screenwriter, and director of such films as Goon 810, Heartbeat, and Goon 810 The Black Crow.

“It’s tough here in Flint now and we need people to know we are here to help”


Pray For Me will be Danielle Green’s directorial debut. Danielle is the host of a community talk show, Empower, as well as an actress, best- selling author, speaker, and founder of Empower, a non-profit organization that is geared toward the improvement of youth in the community. Danielle also starred in several films including Yusef’s film Heartbeat a domestic violence awareness film.

“I wanted to direct this play because I am always looking to be involved with things that our youth can walk away with a valuable lesson”

I spoke to Yusuf and Danielle recently about this new production.

TB: What was it about this play that helped you make the decision to direct it?
DG: When Yusuf gave me the script and I was reading over it I was drawn to the character named Chris. Growing up in Flint I’ve Known numerous Chris’, unfortunately.

TB: What is the message in this play?
DG: The message is as a community, we all have something to give that can be life altering for someone. It’s not about money or material possessions. If we stick together, by the Grace of God we will turn our city around.

TB:  What is the motivation behind this story?
YB: The motivation behind the story is my drive to present the kind of story that gives value, life lessons, and builds character. I hope people will leave with a greater sense of pride in helping others physically, that’s important. Flint is a place where good people have always come together and helped each other through tough times. It’s tough here in flint now and we need people to know we are here to help.

TB: You have produced several movies, why did you write this story as a play
YB: I wrote story as a play because Team 810 has made 3 films…they have all done great independently…the messages are of power and we want to reach a greater audience So we brought this to the stage

Pray For Me will open Saturday April 26, 2014 at The McCree Theater in Flint MI. Showtime is 6pm

Danielle Green is President and Yusuf Bauswell is CEO of Team 810, a group of dedicated individuals committed to positive change in the Flint community.

Learn more about Team 810 by visiting their website

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