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Tania Reyes Holmanby Dr. Tania Reyes Holman

Having New Year’s resolutions are great, but according to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. But YOU, you are going to WIN the game. Yes, you are going to be in that 8% of successful people! To accomplish this is going to take some L.U.C.K.  So instead of making another failed resolution, you are going to be resolute in loving yourself, spring into action, and create your very own LUCK.

Love yourself where you are. If you start there, you will see how easy it really is to truly love yourself. By loving yourself right here and now, all the extra pressure of loving people or things (9in the past or future) fall off and lighten the load instantly, creating your first stroke of LUCK.

Unleash your inner beauty. When someone pays you a compliment, use it to boost your self-esteem. It’s called “paying you a compliment” for a reason: if someone pays you $100, would you throw it away? Of course not–it sounds silly when put it that way. Self-esteem is yours and yours alone; it’s not being conceited; it’s developing confidence and its time to unleash it.

Conquer one small step at a time. Yes, conquer it seems like such a big word to turn around and say take a small step, but for some that single movement forward is grand–conquer it! Think back to the resolutions you made–what were they? Pick one resolution and break it down to the smallest part so you can accomplish it in tiny steps until you are successful!

Know the value of your experiences. Look at the things you’ve experienced in a healthy perspective. This isn’t school-type, book knowledge—it’s knowledge from your experiences. Sit in stillness for a minute and you will see this knowledge is really very simple…this knowledge comes from within. It’s been there all along and will enlighten you.

Be resolute in loving yourself. When you start at that point, you will see how easy it is to create your own L.U.C.K.

Dr. Reyes Holman is the executive director of a non-profit, No Boundaries Prep. She has been in education for over twenty years and has dedicated her life to teaching others. Her personal experiences have helped her to overcome numerous personal tragedies which she now uses as a positive resource for others. Contact her at


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