The Perfect Girls Getaway!

See you in the Bahamas!
The Perfect Girls Getaway! Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

Between the kids, the man, the job, the friends and the family EVERY woman needs to sometimes just get her friends and GET AWAY! What better place than the beautiful ATLANTIS Resort in the Bahamas? Robyn Gaskins Smith is making it possible!

One of today’s most passionate Peak Performance Coaches, Robyn Smith, author of H.O.P.E. Helping Other People Excel and 52 Life Lessons for Leaders will be leading the conference. Each session is designed to innovate your life and business.

Robyn says, “I bet there are times you can really imagine making yourself and your happiness a personal priority; and you may even get excited about that thought for a while. But then life kicks in and you’re back to the same old, same old. You may even be beating yourself up for it because you think you should know better by now!”

Robyn has put together what will be an annual conference designed for the busy woman who puts everything and everyone before her own happiness. Sound familiar? Not only that, she has worked to make the conference affordable and educational for women. You can expect to receive help with everything from pursuing your dream, to getting your sexy back! But more importantly Girl, you will get a chance to get yourself together!

The Conference, appropriately named, Girl, Get Yourself Together, will take place November 2nd – 4th, 2012. You can expect plenty of guest speakers, (such as myself), and even guest entertainment, but more importantly this is the time where you can think about what you want for YOUR LIFE and YOUR HAPPINESS!

More than ever before, career women, women leaders and entrepreneurs are emerging from the paralyzing economic grip to become influential business leaders. If you are ready—more than ever before to stand up, stand out and create your own success story, then—You need to be there!
Join me and other Motivated Ladies as we:

* Commit to Our OWN Happiness
* Dream Outside of the Box
* Recommit to the Authentic YOU
* Discover Your Fearless Factor
* Truly LIVE and not just EXIST
* Turn Your Passion into Your Profession and MORE!
* Rediscover Your SEXY!

This Conference will awaken your spirit and empower you to jump-start your success like nothing before… guaranteed.

Your experience at the Women’s Conference will be like no other experience you have had before. With every session you’ll feel empowered, motivated and inspired with new exciting ideas. And not just ideas, hopes and dreams, but REAL plans to bring those ideas into your reality! It’s like unleashing the floodgates of creative passion!

So get your girls together, and meet us in the Bahamas in November so that you can Get Yourself Together!
Vendors who have a product or service geared towards women will receive a special price for The Vendor’s Mall in Paradise at this 3 day conference.

Girl, Get Yourself Together Conference!
Success Builders Network’s Women’s Conference
Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas
November 2nd- November 4th, 2012
Register here: Affordable payment plans available! You OWE it to yourself…and your girls!

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