Courageous Woman of The Month

There are some amazing and courageous women who are doing some amazing things. There are 6 women vying for an opportunity to grace the cover of Courageous Woman Magazine. Who will win Courageous Woman of the Month and be on the cover ? You decide! Simply post a comment on the woman you think is the most courageous!  The woman with the most comments by mid-night,  Saturday,  March 31, 2018 wins!








Sharee Williams – 3 Phases of Becoming a Woman





Marlena Curtis – Curtis Accounting and Tax services LLC






Kala Wilburn – Fannie Lucille

Dr. Moneshia Dashiel – Children reading Room













Tasha Biltmore – Damaged clothes








JaMeelah Bonner – The Blink Salon and Spa

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13 Thoughts to “Courageous Woman of The Month”

  1. Sherry

    I vote for Marlena Curtis

  2. I am so proud of Tasha Biltmore and her tenacity towards helping broken women. She would be an excellent person to be honored on the cover of your magazine!

  3. LaKesh Jiles

    I know tht Marlena Curtis should win this because she is a great person. Not only tht she always apart of the youths and different school programs and fun raising! Giving back and making She involved with the kids by making a difference in there life’s. Educating them on things tht will help them in life. I feel tht she a great person for this. So pleas let’s consider Marlena Curtis!! Thanks in advance!!

  4. Raquel

    I vote for marlena curtis…

  5. Sharing aBeeks-Solla

    I am blessed to have know this wonderful woman for nearly 20 year. I’ve prafully watch her make tremendous please cast of faith and accomplish so many goals truly a woman of Faith and Action…away our God continue to bless you in all your endeavors

  6. Angelina

    I vote for Marlena because she’s a woman of substance and integrity. Marlena is a trustworthy business woman, one who values building relationships with the people she comes in contact with. She’s full of wisdom and confidence and she’s most capable of completing the task. She’s a great example not just for her children and family, but also to those around her.

  7. Tonicia pinckney

    Shharee Williams

  8. I think Sherry Williams should win she is an amazing woman who has given back to her community. Through helping children with her humanitarian ways. And she is a woman who is firm in God’s words and teaching and living by Godly principles.

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