Aligned for Success: A Conversation with Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore

Dr. Neem Tillery-Moor Graces the cover of Courageous Woman Magazine

Dr. Neem Tillery-Moor Graces the cover of Courageous Woman Magazine

by Jessica Mosley

Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore has definitely paid the price to be where she is today. She is a risk-taker, and she knows what is required to get the job done. She is a woman that is unapologetic about the price she had to pay to get to where she is today. Nothing was given to her…it was all earned–absolutely everything! With all that she endured to get where she is, she remains humble. “Hard work plus dedication equals success,” says Dr.Moore. The opportunity to sit down with her was definitely a pleasure!

CW: Tell us a little bit about Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore.
Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore: I am a wife. A mother to beautiful twins (a girl and a boy). I am also a Chiropractor. I’ve had my practice for the last 10 years. I am very passionate about what I do. I help people heal faster. I show people how to have fun and get healthy.

dr, Neema Tillert-MooreI was a teacher before I was a Chiropractor. “Doctor” means teacher in other languages. Being a teacher in the past helped me be the doctor I am today.

CW: What is the most humbling thing that you have experienced as a doctor?
Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore: I had a mail carrier come in, very attractive, happily married, African American male, worked out, and I was treating him for his back. I ended up doing a routine physical. His blood pressure was extremely high. He went to his primary doctor. He needed immediate surgery (bypass). I didn’t see him for months. He finally comes in. He wants to see me. Mind you, he did not have an appointment. I allow this even though I am a stickler for keeping the books. He came in to tell me that had I not told him to go get checked out, he would have died. I immediately felt a spirit of humility fall on me. This is not a game. This is not a joke. I have been entrusted with lives.

CW: Give me an example of when you had to be courageous.
Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore: Well, it would have to be when I was starting my practice. I opened it up in the middle of the recession. I worked for another doctor and grew my practice really, really fast. I did no marketing. I was a woman. I was a minority. That helped me get my start up money. I did networking events. From those events, I met a lot of people. It was literally faith to faith. You have to understand that I am in a white male dominated field–I graduated one of two African American people out of my class.

Dr. Neema Tillery More Blue dressCW: What did you do on a daily basis to conquer any fear or anxiety that you had while building your business?
Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore: I prayed. I wasn’t into meditation at that time. Prayer is what got me through.

CW: What is your definition of success?
Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore: I feel that it’s not only financial stability, but it’s peace of mind, a healthy body, healthy relationships, and amazing experiences.

CW: If you could change one thing about your path of success, what would it be?
Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore: I would say, don’t worry. I would say to my younger self, don’t put that kind of stress on your body.

CW: What’s next for you, Dr. Tillery-Moore?
Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore: I’m creating a wellness program. It’s wellness development for the body, mind, and spirit. It’s centered around letting people know that they can be healthy and have fun while doing it. It is geared toward women (mompreneurs). It will be online and in office.

CW: Why a wellness program for mompreneurs?
Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore: We are being pulled in so many directions and our health is normally last. I want to show mompreneurs that no one wins when they put themselves last.

Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore has been entrusted with life itself. She is smart. She is beautiful. She is known for having a big heart and for going the extra mile–not just for her patients and family, but for all that she meets. She is the real MVP!

Connect with Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore on the following social media sites:

Facebook: Dr. Neema Randall
Twitter: 1gooddoc
Instagram: 1gooddoc

Dr. Neema Tillery-Moore completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2003 at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While attending Palmer, Dr. Moore participated in an amazing chiropractic mission trip to India where over 3,000 patients received chiropractic care.

DR.NeemaDr. Neema Tillery-Moore has owned her practice for over a decade and specializes in the care of patients with acute and chronic spine disorders, headaches, motor vehicle accident injuries, and general health and wellness needs. Dr. Tillery-Moore is currently located in Manassas, Virginia at her own practice, Manassas Wellness Center. Her goal is to show women how to get their power back and step into greatness through health and wellness. She also is a mom to a set of Boy/Girl twins and is married to Hamdiya Moore. She is most passionate about raising her twins, helping children enhance their education, and being of service to the community.

Jessica Mosley is a woman of many talents—publisher, author, PR Consultant—but the ones that make her most proud are wife and mother. Connect with her on Facebook: Jessica Mosley; Instagram: jessicaellemosley.

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