Dr. Stacie Peck:TODAY I’M FREE! Breaking the Chains and Building an Empire

by Jessica Mosley

Sept Cover Peck2The true definition of courageous–a woman who has been through everything damnable and SURVIVED! From battling addiction to divorce, and most recently, Hurricane Harvey, Dr. Stacie Peck is a true example of what it means to not live by excuses. She has overcome everything that life sent to destroy her and turned it into weapons of mass destruction. She is God’s amazing Grace on display. Courageous Woman had the opportunity to sit down with this phenomenal woman.

CW: Who is Dr. Stacie Peck?
Dr. Stacie Peck:
I am a southern girl at heart. I was raised in New Orleans. The NOLA culture made who I am. I’m vulnerable. I look to God for everything. I’m nothing without Him. I’m someone that keeps it real, that is genuine, and is a lover of people.

CW: What makes you a Courageous Woman?
Dr. Stacie Peck:
I’ve faced a lot of challenges. I’m the first one in my immediate family to have obtained a doctorate. I had to be courageous when I went through my divorce. I had the fear of the unknown. I had the fear of being alone. But I had to be courageous and make up in my mind that my happiness and peace of mind was worth it. I was worth it. And in facing that, I found myself again. And Stacie, I might add, is a pretty incredible person!

Peck croppedCW: What is one of your biggest accomplishments?
Dr. Stacie Peck
: I would say that I have had many accomplishments in my life. But, the one I will tell you about is my hair care line that I created, Dr. Peck’s Hair Care RX. A lot of products that we put in our hair, such as relaxers, relates to certain cancers and fibroid tumors. God gave me the knowledge on what needs to be in these products.

CW: Tell me about a time that you did not think you were going to make it.
Dr. Stacie Peck:
Wheeeeew! Hurricane Katrina. Xavier University was destroyed by the storm. A lot of students were depressed. I was in limbo. When I returned to Xavier, the environment was very stressful. I failed my first class. That discouraged me greatly. It damaged my self-esteem. It actually put me behind a year. You see, I don’t come from money. How was I supposed to pay for this? I had to rebuild my Mom’s house. As New Orleans was rebuilding, I was rebuilding. Xavier squeezed two semesters into four months. So, just imagine trying to rebuild from your personal life and school at the same time.

CW: What advice would you give to someone who wants to give up?
Dr. Stacie Peck:
Your current situation is always temporary. Look at the positive. What am I grateful for right now? You have to have some kind of hope. Giving up is not an option. Sometimes you have to just fake it til you make it. And believe me, that will eventually become your reality. Listen here, I’ve battled mental illness, been in two psychiatric facilities, and been in a rehab facility. I’ve been through stressful life events, and because of those events, I became addicted to drugs and alcohol. But what became my turning point was when I couldn’t get any lower. I WANTED to live! I had become a slave to that stuff! It had become my god! I was in dangerous territory. I was no longer living–I was just existing! BUT, TODAY I AM FREE! There’s nothing like being free from alcohol and addiction!

DSC_0694CW: What’s next for Dr. Stacie Peck?
Dr. Stacie Peck: 
Helping other women. I want to open up a sober living facility for women and children. That way, women have options. They don’t have to choose between getting sober or living their children behind. I just want to pay it forward.

Dr. Peck is truly a woman after God’s own heart! Not only did she survive Hurricane Katrina; she just went through Hurricane Harvey in Texas. All who come across her are blessed for the better. She’s the real MVP! She knocks the hell out of life’s hardest battles!

Dr. Stacie Peck is a pharmacist and has been practicing since 2008. She was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and currently resides in Cypress, TX. Dr. Peck attended Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy and earned her Doctorate in 2007. She currently practices in hospital pharmacy and teaches the basics of compounding in cosmetic pharmacy with the Center of Excellence program at Xavier University of Louisiana.

To contact Dr. Peck, please email info@myhaircarerx.com or visit the website www.myhaircarerx.com. She can also be reached via Facebook: Dr. Peck’s Hair Care Rx or Instagram: drstaciepeck.

Jessica Mosley is the owner of J. Mosley Publishing, J.Mosley PR FIRM, and the MizCEO Society for Women Coaches. She is also the Host of The MizCEO Radio Show. Connect with her on Instagram: @jessicaellemosley.

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