Is It Possible to Quit Your JOB and Make More Money?

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Dawniel Winningham aka the QUIT COACH is Courageous Woman Magazine’s 2017 Business Woman of the Year. She is an amazing wealth coach that speaks the truth about making money as an entrepreneur. She took some time out her busy schedule to speak with us. She has been coaching on how to quit your job so that’s the number one question we asked.

Q Is it possible to quit your job?

The answer to that is YES! There are many reasons that you will SAY you can’t quit your job and even more reasons that OTHER people will TELL you that you can’t quit your job. BUT, the TRUTH is that NOT ONLY can you QUIT your JOB! You can QUIT your job and make EVEN MORE doing what you LOVE! BUT there are some things that MUST be done to make that happen; including BELIEVING in your ability to do so.

What we were taught:
We were TAUGHT to get a job, work hard, and that in doing so one day we would be able to comfortably retired and live the rest of our lives on the porch in rocking chairs. We were taught that because that was the day and age that our parents and grandparents lived in. That is NOT the world we live in today. Back then jobs were loyal. So people were only right in being loyal to those jobs. But nowadays jobs are focused on ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY; the bottom line. And because they are focused on their bottom line, we can only do what is best for our family and focus on OUR bottom line.

We can’t continue to sit around and be paid whatever the JOB thinks is fair, or being let go from work because the JOB didn’t make their profit forecast for the quarter. We must stop playing Russian Roulette with our families because of a job.

What is true
While the bad news is that jobs are no longer loyal, the good news is that NOW more than ever, everyday people are able to take their ideas and inventions and present them to the world and build businesses that will support and sustain their families forever. If you tell the truth about it that has ALWAYS been the case. If you look at major businesses now they were all started by a person with an idea. McDonald’s was started by ONE man who had an idea to cook hamburgers fast! KFC, Goodyear, Chase and many of the other institutions that you see nowadays, were started with ONE person with an idea who refused to give up.

What it takes
Now while I’ve given you MANY examples of million dollar businesses that were started by a person with an idea, it takes FAR more than an idea to get your business up and running in a way that you can feed your family and finally leave your job.

1. Desire – Both of these are mandatory for you to Quit your Job. You have to WANT it in a way that you have NEVER wanted anything before. You have to believe in a way that you have NEVER believed before. There are so many people that HATE their job but because they do not believe in their ability to do BETTER they stay. And even worse, they continue to struggle from paycheck to paycheck because of their decision. At least if I am going to struggle from paycheck to paycheck it had better be for something that will create generational wealth and happiness; not just money for someone else.

2. Drive – WILL you go get it. I am often amazed at the number of people who SEE opportunity for themselves and refuse to go get it. But you go get it for your family, your friends, and your job. WILL you go get it for you. The same way in which you accomplish deadlines for your job day in and day out without excuses is the same DRIVE that it will take for you to build your business. No sick days, no days where you can’t pull it together. You have to do a little at least every day until you see the dream starting to move, and then you will do EVEN more!

3. Focus – I don’t just mean focus on working. I mean focusing on a deliberate plan or idea and NOT being all over the place or being distracted by the first wind that blows. Many will come to you saying they have ANOTHER idea or something else that could possibly make YOU more money, but you have to ask yourself is that YOUR idea or is that THEIR idea. Is that YOUR opportunity or is that THEIR opportunity? The answer to that should keep you on course.

4. Help – For those of us who are reluctant to ask for help, let me tell you RIGHT NOW that if you are reluctant to ask for help it is doubtful that you will make it. Help comes in the form of wise council, a team of supportive people helping you build and a community of like-minded people who will push you when you feel that you can’t go any further. Every time that you feel as if you are operating 100% within your own control ask yourself, CAN I do this alone. If the answer were YES then you would have done it already. INVEST in help for your next level. You won’t regret it!

5. Belief – Code worth faith. Not only faith in the creator, but also faith in yourself and what you were created to do. KNOWING that you not only have a purpose but that you have been sent here to accomplish that purpose and that you have supernatural help to support you if you would only ask and believe.

6. Action – All of these things are great but you must have action. You must leave perfection on the shelf and launch. You must leave procrastination behind and act. Your indecision and lack of moving forward will cause you to stay at your job forever. It is better to act and fail so that you KNOW what you need to do moving forward than to NOT act and be stuck at a job forever.

You may have fooled yourself into thinking that leaving your job is not right for you. Or that you need to wait until a later date and time when the kids are older, or when you have more money saved, or whatever the REASON is that you have told yourself.

But the TRUTH is that NOW is the time that you start planning your exit because it will take you a year or better to be in a place where you are READY to leave your job. If at that time, you CHOOSE to stay then that is different. But at least now you are NOT oblivious as to what your choices are in order for you to provide for your family forever.

If you are STILL not sure if leaving your job, or even thinking about leaving your job is right for you, go to and take the Quit Code Analysis. There are some things that you may have been blind to about your job that this simple survey may help you come clean about.

Trust me I have been there myself thinking that I was perfectly happy living my job, when in fact there was MUCH more work for me to do in the world.

I just had to embrace it and go for it! Will you?

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