Precious Brown: Power Beyond the Bruises

Precious Brown

Precious BrownPrecious Brown

No matter what circumstances you have been faced with thanking God for new grace and mercy every day! Precious Brown is a mother, grandmother, Transition Catalyst, Publisher, Bestselling Author and founder of Precious Empowers Enterprise. To her clients, she’s known as the Power Coach, because of the impact she makes with the wisdom she shares.

“I live in purpose, on purpose. It is my divine assignment to empower and motivate women, so they live Beyond the Bruises, unlock their CAPP (Confidence, Authenticity, Power, and Purpose) and Create the Life They Desire without regret.”

The past half-decade has been a whirlwind of transition. Continuing to take life by the horns, Precious has courageously stepped out on Faith to follow her dreams while completing her earthly assignment. She is now a full-time entrepreneur, and there is no stopping her!

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