Courageous Women Pray: Join us January 29, 2018

Courageous Women Prayer Group meets January 29, 2018

Do you ever feel like your prayers have no power? Do you wonder if you even really know how to pray?  It is interesting to note that as the disciples travel with Jesus, they never asked him to teach them to be great teachers, like he is, or to show them how to perform miracles. However, one thing about Jesus impresses them so much they want to know how to pray. They asked, Lord, “Teach us to pray” Luke 11:1.

To answer that question, Jesus shares with them what we today call the Lord’s prayer or the model prayer. And this prayer, Jesus provides the all the principles necessary to have a journey into powerful prayer.

First: Praying is a command

Second: Praying allows God to meet our needs

Third: Praying releases God’s power in our lives

Fourth: Praying brings immediate rewards

Prayer is the most important thing we can do. Jesus gives us principles to apply to every prayer we pray. In prayer we talk to God and God talks to us through his Word, it’s also important to pray the Word of God.

What is Courageous Women Pray?

It is a group of Christian women that come together to pray for and with each other.

When does the group pray?

Once a week. Each Monday morning at 6:30 am EST, 5:30 am CST, 3:30 PST am

(641)715-0632  Access code:186693

Where does the group pray?

Conference line: When you sign up via email you will get the conference line access in your email

How long does the call last?

Prayerfully up to 15 minutes

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Prayer leader for January 29, 2018
Shearese N. Stapleton is a native of Flint, Michigan; Who has received her (CDA) Child Development Associate in Early Childhood Education from Mott Community College March of 2017 and her Bachelor’s in developmental Child Phycology soon, throughout her life, she has overcome being born 2lb 3oz and the setbacks from being divorced and homeless, which has fueled her desire to train other women to embrace the joy of motherhood!

She is the CEO of Mothers of Joy University. They’re mission is to teach mothers to embrace love on the path of wisdom to meet their destiny. MJU train mothers in various areas of daily living skills, career exploration, cultivate the child’s dreams, thriving out of trauma, building healthy friendships, discovering the essence of womanhood in intimate relationships, financial literacy for the family, and so much more.

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